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Pepicelli, Youngs and Youngs handles real estate matters on a daily basis, including real estate sales and purchases. So do many settlement companies and title agencies. What is the difference? Closings and real estate transfers at Pepicelli, Youngs and Youngs have DIRECT LAWYER INVOLVEMENT and COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS. That means we have the necessary experience and training to do much more than title companies are allowed to do. And we do it at a price comparable to area title companies. This means you get more value for your money. Some of the things we can do that title companies are not allowed to do include:


  • Give legal advice so you stay fully informed throughout the process, especially regarding legal issues that often arise at closing.
  • Advise on the risks/benefits of gifting real estate to family. Do not overlook inheritance tax or nursing home consequences!
  • Draft and negotiate sales agreements and other documents. We craft our own documents in each transfer, and we do not use canned, online forms.
  • Identify and resolve title problems to minimize delays in the closing process. A title problem can derail closing, or cause added delay if you have to go find a lawyer to solve it. Our team of in-house lawyers can tackle just about any title problem!
  • Tackle issues that arise after closing, such as boundary line disputes, removing someone from your property, or otherwise.


Buying real estate? Our solution:


  • Bank local, save money. If you finance through an independent mortgage broker (i.e. use a mortgage broker to help find you a bank for a loan), or through ErieBank, Northwest Bank, Marquette Bank, ONE FCU, or Mercer County State Bank, and you are obtaining title insurance, we will waive our closing fee , saving you hundreds. Normal title fees still apply, and we are happy to discuss those.

Selling real estate? Our solution:


  • Spot and resolve title problems early. Otherwise, closing can be delayed for weeks or months. Our team is proactive, and we do all we can to minimize delays.
  • Use a realtor, save money. Realtors are the glue that usually keeps the deal together. Yes, realtors earn a commission, but their work often saves a lot in attorney fees!

Want to gift real estate? Our solution:


  • Know your options, and the risks and benefits. Our team of lawyers has the training and experience to understand and explain legal issues such as how a gift of real estate can impact a need for nursing home care, inheritance and other taxes.
  • Structure the transfer properly. This can mean a simple Deed, placing the real estate into a trust, or creating a life estate. You may be able to accomplish your goals and retain some control over the property!

Boundary Line Dispute or Someone Else Claiming Rights to your Property? Our solution:


  • Be proactive. Don’t sit on your rights! DO SOMETHING! Legal rights regarding real estate are complex. There are many legal deadlines and steps to follow to best protect your rights. We’re proactive and forward-thinking in our approach. We can help you get the ammunition you need, whether that’s getting survey or sending a letter to the neighbor, to give you the best chance of success going forward.

Let PYY Law handle all your real estate and title needs.


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*In the case of “no recovery, no fee” or “contingent fee” cases, out-of-pocket expenses, like filing fees, costs to obtain medical records, and court reporter fees will be paid by the client out of any settlement.