Real Estate

real estateThe act of buying or selling a home can be one of life’s major events, and also one of its most challenging. The procedures for buying, selling, and even refinancing a home are often complex to the point of confusion. Our firm specializes in reducing any possible headaches and helping you reach your goal. Our office works closely with banks, accountants, realtors and the other professionals necessary to complete your real estate transaction.

We search titles with great care, and will help you obtain title insurance so that your single largest investment is protected. Our attorneys are approved with multiple title insurance companies, including First American Title Insurance, Chicago Title Insurance, Conestoga Title Insurance, and Fidelity National Title Insurance.  We are experienced in both residential and commercial real estate. We are also knowledgeable about the recent regulatory changes that make the process even more complicated.  From the beginning of the process to the close of the deal, we will protect your interests while achieving the desired result.


Brian T. Cagle

Jeffrey C. Youngs

SaraMaria Patterson


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