Workers’ Compensation

workers' compensationMost people take for granted their ability to go to work and earn a living. When injuries occur on the job, however, a person’s entire outlook can change in an instant. Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system can be difficult to navigate.  There are many questions – from paycheck concerns to pension issues – that should be answered by an attorney rather than an employer.

At Pepicelli, Youngs and Youngs, we believe that our fee should not come out of an injured worker’s pocket.  We take these cases on a NO RECOVERY, NO FEE basis because our fee should come from a settlement or verdict we win in your favor.* We are experienced, talented, and aggressive. In the midst of an unfair situation, we will ensure that you are treated as an equal in order to receive the benefits to which you are entitled. There is no charge for the first meeting, so come and talk to us about your rights.


Jeffrey C. Youngs


Can the Insurance Company Force Me to go Back to Work?

It is true that no one can be forced to work.  The insurance company cannot force an injured worker go back to work.  The answer to our question is not that simple.  It is extremely risky for an injured worker to refuse to return to work with her or his time-of-injury employer.  In some cases, an injured worker may even have a legal obligation to look for a new job in the labor market. Continue reading

Should I Settle My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Injured workers of all ages, occupations and income brackets ask us about lump sum settlements.  Some have had a miserable experience dealing with the insurance company, while others have not experienced any difficulties at all.  Some injured workers want to be ‘done’ with workers’ compensation – to get the insurance company out of their lives.  Others need to move on, perhaps to a new job opportunity or further education.  Some injured workers are nearing retirement and wonder how their workers’ compensation case will interact with their Social Security retirement and pension benefits.  Others will never be able to go back to work and have applied for Social Security Disability benefits.
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