Estate Probate, Administration & Settlement

PA-probate-estateA family member’s passing can be a very difficult time, and if you are named executor of that family member’s estate, the burden can seem insurmountable. Our firm has helped settle hundreds of estates and we know that no two are alike; however, our extensive experience in this field allows us to help you by making recommendations that will let the process proceed as smoothly as possible. We are familiar with probate and non-probate processes for wrapping up your loved one’s affairs.  At PYY, we will ensure that deadlines are met, filings are made, and requirements are fulfilled. Our expertise in this area allows us to focus on the details while you focus on honoring your family member’s wishes. At a time when you may need help the most, we will help to shoulder your burden. We also advise heirs, estate and trust beneficiaries and trustees. Let us help.


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Keeping Original Legal Documents Safe: The How and Why

You’ve just left your attorney’s office having signed your estate planning documents.  These documents may include a Will, and one or more Durable Powers of Attorney.  Your lawyer said to you “Keep these originals in a safe place and don’t lose them.”  This sounds easy enough to do, but the lawyer never explained how to keep them safe, or the importance of keeping them safe.  This article explores both these questions. Continue reading

Probate & Avoidance: Weighing the Risks

Probate is the process of opening a decedent’s estate.  If a Will is found, it is filed with the County Register of Wills and its instructions must be carefully followed by the named Executor.  Where no Will exists, an estate Administrator is selected from the nearest degree of relatives. Continue reading

Steps to Take When a Death Occurs

The death of a loved-one can be a heartbreaking experience.  This is made all the worse by fear and confusion regarding the family’s “legal” responsibilities following their relative’s death.  The list below shows the actions to take following the death of a loved-one. Continue reading